HF welding machines (High Frequency)

In our work the most important production process is the welding of materials. It's a key element directly affecting the quality and durability of our products.

Thanks to the advanced FIAB devices operating in the high frequency welding technology, the joins of materials create strong and durable welds.

What distinguishes our products made in HF technology is:

  • the welded material is heated from the inside and not on the surface
  • no wrinkles and uneven surfaces on the welded material
  • longer lasting than any other welding method
  • instant execution time

The technology we use brings the welds are at least as strong as the material, and even stronger!

DGI PolaJET 3206

High quality and durability of printing are the features that characterize our tarpaulins.

It guarantees a high printing speed of up to 72 m2/hour, with a printing width of up to 3.20m. Thanks to the use of SPECTRA NOVA 256 printheads and the 6-colour system, the PolaJET printer ensures very high print quality, unattainable for the vast majority of 3.20m printers on our market. Printouts are properly durable and resistant to harmful weather conditions, therefore they do not require additional protection.

Liquid laminator AQUA ELF

All the pads are secured with a laminator to ensure durability of the print.

Liquid laminators are used to protect solvent printouts, including banners and tarpaulins. The liquid protection system additionally strengthens the grit and gives it better protection against chemical and mechanical damage. Application: laminating all applications on transparencies, banners and tarpaulins. The possibility of laminating from 7 to 100 microns depending on the used roller. Width – 3.20 m

Automatic welders and heat guns

Joints and welds is ensured by Leister welding combines.

Automatic welding machines from the leading Leister brand with a weld width of 30mm, 40mm and even 50mm guarantee strong connections. Precise adjustment of welding parameters translates into ideal quality and aesthetic welds even on materials which are the most difficult to be processed.